Why Paive?

Rickey Hargrove

19 May 2024

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What is Paive?

Paive is a Peer-to-Peer gig-economy that allows you to earn money from peer-to-peer activities; earn with your peers and for yourself. We offer you the opportunity to build a sustainable income and career outside of the traditional career path all while maintaining your freedom. When using Paive you don't work for us, you work for yourself. We allow you to leverage our platform to become a business or indpendent contractor – whichever path you deem is best. We simply provide you with the opportunities. As Paive grows we will offer more opportunities and increase your ways to earn, also boosting your earnings potential. As of right now, all Paive opportunities can be done remotely so kick-back and build your new life with Paive.

Why Paive?

As a Flexor in the gig-economy, you will never work for anyone other than yourself, ever again. We offer you ways to build a gig-business or perform as a 1099 Flexor.

You will always have a way to earn as a Paive Flexor. After joining Paive you will never know what it's like to not be able to make enough money to survive or make ends meet. You will never have to suffer through countless interviews facing rejection after rejection making it increasingly harder for you to survive. With Paive, you can skip the interviews, skip the rejection and never worry about being rejected for things like the color of your skin, choice of hair style or style of dress ever again. On Paive you can free yourself from discrimination, insurmountable competition, and from the entire scheme known as the rat race. If the whole world turned its back on you, what would you do? No need to worry. Paive is here to save you.

Paive is built for Flexors who are looking for full-time or even part-time work that's on their own terms; we don't have requirments for what you do and how you do it but we understand that you may rely on our platform for an income. For that reason we ensure that we offer multiple revenue streams and roles for Flexors to take up and offer economical payouts.

Earn as you learn

The more you learn and the more effective you become at leveraging our platform, the more robust your income will become. We will teach you the skills needed to help you succeed in our roles and we will provide you with certifications that will help you become a successful Flexor in those roles. We are with you every step of the way.

If you're ready to take your life back and tap into your unlimited earning potential then get started today!

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