Logging in for the first time

Rickey Hargrove

19 May 2024

What are Electryts?

Self-aware patent-pending omni tokens that allow you to engage with the internet safely and securely; leveraging zero trust techniques, novel techniques and forms of artificial intelligence, Electryt's ensure that your personal information is never exposed on the internet – making the internet a safer place for its Digital Citizens™. Today, we will be covering one use-case for the Electryt token, securely logging in and out without the use of personally identifying information like: e-mails, phone numbers or user-generate passwords.

Google Support

Today we will be instructing you on how to setup your Electryt as a Digital Identity using Google's Password Manager. Open up your Google Password Manager:

1 Click the 3 vertically aligned dots to the top right of your Google Chrome browser
2 Navigate to the Passwords and Autofill option
3 Select the Google Password Manager option.

Now that you have the Google Password Manager open, to your left you should see a navigation menu that says "Passwords, Checkup, Settings" in descending order.

4 Select the Settings option
5 Press the Select File button under Import Passwords
6 Select the Google-elecryt-identity.csv and press open

Now you should have your primary and recovery Electryt identity available for logging in Phyziro.com. Now, for the final step. Log in!

Apple Support

Coming soon


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