Electryts the future of secure.

Build your application leveraging the secure Electryt WAY™ protocol and built-in user privacy methods keeping your application and users protected.

Why Electryts are the future of secure transactions
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Electryt Token Family

Start developing a cohesive application experience that keeps your users secure and connected accross your dynamic ecosytem with Electryt DARTs. Electryt Tokens offer you embdeddable infrastructre that's plug-and-play! Easily start building with Electryt Tokens and guide your customers towards the bleeding-edge of innovation.

Electryt - Helium

100 credits

Electryt - Neon

500 credits

Electryt - Hyper

1500 credits

Electryt - Jadex

3500 credits

Electryt - Gold

8000 credits

Starter Pack

$5 $3 /m (billed annually)

This plan is ideal for individual users and hobbyists who are looking for essential functionalities to support their projects.

  • 5 mb/PDF
  • 75 pages/PDF
  • 10 messages/Day
  • Up to 3 PDFs
  • Test mode
  • Doc summary

Silver Surfer

$10 $8 /m (billed annually)

If you're a small business or a startup, this plan is designed to cater to your needs. It offers a balance of essential features.

  • 10 mb/PDF
  • 150 pages/PDF
  • 25 messages/Day
  • Up to 5 PDFs
  • Test mode
  • Doc summary

Golden Unicorn

$30 $25 /m (billed annually)

Tailored for medium-sized businesses, this plan offers advanced tools and features to support your growing demands.

  • 32 mb/PDF
  • 1500 pages/PDF
  • 1000 messages/Day
  • Up to 50 PDFs
  • Test mode
  • Doc summary


Learn how to implement Electryts into your project to enforce access limitations

by Phyziro