What is Burn3R?

Rickey Hargrove

15 April 2024

Burn3R is a crypto inflation control fund and is the first fund of its' kind in the crypto universe. The Burn3R fund acts as a hedge for inflationary tokens and as a deflationary hedge for abundant tokens, keeping our targeted coin ecosystems stabalized and prices balanced; this prevents tokens from having violent price swings that may wipe some holders out.

When you donate to Burn3R your donations go towards the Burn3R burn fund, where we actively manage to grow the fund to support our inflationary efforts. Tired of seeing Bitcoin drop 10k (pre-halving 2024) or Shiba Inu sitting below $1.00 USD? That's where Burn3R comes in, to stablize the coin economies and prevent inflation from devaluing your tokens.

Unlike the United States Fed and their relativity to the actual stock market, Burn3R's inflation and stabalization efforts are not meant to devalue your holdings. You work hard for your money, we'd prefer you keep it; and we want to help you do jus that with our Burn Fund.

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